Discover Secret Tools & methods from step-by-step Online Singing Courses by the finest Expert
Voice Instructors.

And dramatically improve your singing skills with practice and dedication! 

We review several online Singing Courses that are online for people who immediately want to learn or sharpen their singing skills. 

Your goal might be to bring out the full potential of your vocal power or to find the style the best suits your voice.   You may even have the uniquely special vocal quality that it takes to be a professional singer or you are getting started with singing for beginners tutorials, and need some help developing basic vocal skills or improve your singing style and technique.


Rating 5/5

This is one of the best courses to get if you want to teach yourself how to sing, bar none.  Learn singing for beginners.   It's easy to follow and it's designed for people who want to sound professionally trained. We were really impressed with this course with the sheer amount of information and step by step guide to get to where you want to go with your voice.

There's a core set of 28 audio lessons, as well as an effective interactive voice software program you can install on your computer (Singorama's Mini Recording Studio software).  You can record and listen to your voice as you progress. No other singing course has this great feature.

Also, you get beginners guide for learning music theory and how to read music.  There's a guide that takes you through audition preparation as well as stop stage fright. This course is designed for those who follow the steps that need to be made to become a good singer.
You get tools such like the Perfect Your Pitch Software, The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Reading Music Ebook, Advanced Learning Techniques for Singers Ebook, and Singorama Virtual Metronome software to work with.

If you need a teacher, then this course isn't for you.  If you want to accomplish anything with your voice, you should be comfortable with a disciplined self pace method. If not, you may need to get your own voice teacher or coach.
A big plus for this course is that it is a lot of fun for children and great for adults. Children love to sing with the Mini Recording Software. Email consultation is also included.

Comes with Four Bonuses that are designed to compliment the course: Vocal Warmups, Vocal Strengthening, Range Extension Exercises, and Interval Training for Singers. No risk &  no questions asked 56 day (8 week) guarantee. 

This course is newly revised and upgraded with fresh information.
Best value for the price.

Superior Songwriting: How to Write and Sell Your Own Songs

Rating 5/5

This is new from the creators of Singorama. This course will help those who want to learn how to write effective songs  which people love to listen to and you will be taught how to market the  songs in great detail. There's much more information on writing the write lyrics and what to avoid as well as rhymes and writing them the right way for your songs.  If you need ideas, the writer shows you how to brainstorm song ideas, and how to construct a song from start to finish. 

Once  you have a good song you need to market it, and you are given information about what to look for in entertainment lawyers as well as how to successfully market your songs.  We all know how competitive the music industry is so a big plus to this book is the informative chapter and "How to Make Your Song Memorable." 

Superior Songwriting:The Ultimate Guide to Writing and Selling Your Songs   is  well worth it (excellent price for the information you get) because it includes three wonderful bonuses which are yours to keep if you should decide to return the course.

These special bonuses include:  Mini Recording Studio Software so you can hear what your voice sounds like singing your songs from your computer, a mini-ebook on song writing creativity,  and helpful Rhyme software (for PCs only) that will give you rhyming words automatically after you type the word.  

This new course has the latest, most effective ideas for aspiring songwriters and you can get your money back in 8 weeks with no questions asked.  Absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to learn about becoming a good, in-demand songwriter.

As mentioned before,  you get to keep the bonuses if you return the course for a refund within the 8 week time frame.

Sing and See Software 

Rating 5/5

Sing & See is the unique singing training software that teachers and singers all over the world like to use because  it analyzes the voice and shows real-time visual displays that represent the voice - pitch, loudness, and timbre. This can isolate different potential problem areas that the student can immediately start to correct.

Sing & See gives direct visual feedback that enhances the spoken feedback that teachers give their students, and shows singers  patterns in their voices that they might otherwise miss out when they listen to themselves sing.  Great way for serious voice students to supplement voice lessons they are already getting. Or you can also use this software to use a a tool to use to work on improving their voice with or without a good online singing course.

There's a piano keyboard which lights up in red with each note that you sing. What happens is that you see and hear your voice through your computer while you sing at the same time. This is a great interactive tool so you can see exactly how you are singing.

You can use this software in conjunction with a teacher or with another singing course that gives you a more in-depth step by step vocal training program.

The only downside is that it is not a step by step training program, but you can buy a singing course somewhere else.  This  is an efficient software tool that helps you along your quest to sing on pitch with strength and clarity which you can use with another singing course.

Payment is through PayPal or with electronic check through PayPal.  Once you order the software, you will be given a  unique Product Key and instructions how to download the software on your computer. It should be easy to install.

Note that there is a 30 Day Guarantee 100% Satisfaction only.  Be aware of this if you order the software.  Also note that an electronic check through PayPal can take a few days to clear, compared to a direct payment through PayPal.

Also note that there is an edition for both students and a professional edition for voice teachers.

Singing is Easy

Rating 4/5

Singing is Easy! Basic Foundation Series is the official curriculum manual for the Sing Smart, Not Hard vocal training method.  If you are looking for a course singing for beginners,  voice over artist, professional singer or a voice teacher looking for software help for your students---the is a wonderful tool for vocal training.  This course is available for a very affordable price.

What we like about this course is that it includes a vocal training software the helps you with the "Ten Steps to Singing Success" where you learn and train what you should know about the voice, how it is supposed to work, and how to analyze your own voice to make improvements right away, so you are progressing with the interactive training.  You will be directed on how create your own special vocal sound, learn how to breathe properly and use the diaphragm the right way, and which is so important for a singer.  Songwriting tips, vibrato, stage fright, and basic keyboard are covered in the course.

What we also like about this course is the great email support offered by the author of the course, Yvonne DeBandi-- who offers to help anyone with questions about the course. Plus there is a Communicate with the Coach invitation at the end of each chapter so additional help is available if you need it. The price is also a great deal,  as there is special pricing going on right now.

Available in download or you can have it sent to you by mail at added cost. At the time of this writing there is no refund or guarantee---but it is still a great price for a singing course.

Singing Success 

Rating 4/5

One of the very best, top-notch courses online that has a guaranteed, comfortable payment plan. The reason is that it is designed for all ages and levels from singing for beginners to the very advanced singer. This course is designed and written by a professional singer with a great deal of experience teaching and singing. from Singing Success.

This course by Brett Manning is very complete and organized so that you can benefit from it for years to come. It comes with 17 lessons on 12 CDs and 1 DVD, along with an easy-to-follow workbook, as well as
300 audio files.   They are the same exercises that Brett himself uses and the same exercises he starts even his most well-known clients off with. This course is built with a great deal of knowledge and depth, so it is one of the top-notch singing courses available online today.

Amazingly, he guarantees that you will add a full octave to your voice or your money back.
  This course shows how to get rid of the vocal break and end vocal strain, which is so common with many singersAlso, results are guaranteed soon once you start the course and follow his advice and techniques.

The only drawback for this fine course is the price, as mentioned before there is a comfortable 7 payment plan.
No risk, 6 month guarantee
, which is impressive. You have plenty of time to make up your mind. If you don't like it, you can get your money back within six months. 

Again, Singing Success  is designed for the serious singer in mind from beginners to the professional. 
Highly recommended.

American Idol Advantage

Rating 3/5

Is one of your goals to get on American Idol?  This easy downloadable  electronic book gives people auditioning for American Idol inside information and tips on how to get into the early auditions.
The authors reveal 4 secret tips that can get you through the early auditions of American Idol.

Do you want to be seen and heard? Then this is for you. It does not guarantee that you will be a top ten finalist. But you will get an edge over the others in the initial auditions.

If you follow the instructions, this ebook can give you a four point strategy to get you heard again in the early auditions. 

Here's how the book is dividedUnderstand How American Idol auditions Work, Realize that the Initial American Idol Auditions Are not Really About Talent, You Have to Win the Judges Over, and You Must Prepare to Win the Judges Over. You are told how to do your homework and get background on the audition and the judges to get an edge over the other people auditioning.

Also, there is a Bonus on Voice Strengthening, with techniques on how to make your voice sound more powerful and impressive.

Several drawbacks: there is no mention of guaranteed success with their methods nor are there any testimonials.  Keep in mind you do not learn how to sing here---this is essentially a guide for you to get an edge into the American Idol auditions. No refunds or money back guarantee.

If you work hard and apply the knowledge learned here, it can get you further in the audition process or give you a much better edge over a singer who is not prepared.

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